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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ways to Lose Weight Pregnancy

Having gave birth to a new baby, now is the time to lose weight gained during pregnancy. Many women are so disappointed when they see that their body didn't go back to the normal size before pregnancy after birth. This could not just happen because your body has just pass through some major process of pregnancy and labour, and it will take some little time for it to recover.

When you now have the feeling that your body has started gaining strength and normalcy has returned to your period, that it is after 2-3 months; you can now start to observe the following healthy ways, doing some exercises and dieting. Let your doctor advise you so as not to engage in fast weight loss and make sure you eat nutritious foods.

Some of the techniques that will help you lose weight after pregnancy:

    Stay away from fast food meal, they are filled with fat and fries.

    There are some foods labeled with non fat but they have calories, so make sure you read them very well.

    Everyday you should drink about 10-12 glasses of water. Mixed your juices with water before you take it.

    Make sure that the meat you take is boneless chickens.

    Start to do light exercises like: take 10 minutes walk the baby, using stairs instead of elevators.

    Breastfeeding the baby always by doing so you will shed away more calories.

    Make sure you don't diet in the first three months.
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