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Thursday, August 12, 2010


The process of childbirth can be referred to as “Labour”. Considerable energy is expended in the contractions of the uterus. So for this reason the pregnant women are in some way like an athlete that is must do exercises. If your body is ready to start the process, doing exercises to start labour can be only effective. So, if exercise doesn’t start the labour immediately it will make and improve your body fitness to be able to handle labour when it started. Seek for the advise of the expert i.e. your doctor or the instructor before you embark on any form of exercises most especially if your due date is not near.

This is highly recommended so as to ease labour movement, for example sitting or walking on a birthing ball. Though its baby down into pelvis for a better positioning for birth to take place. When doing squatting try as much as possible to support yourself with any stationed objects.

The birthing balls are been use during labour and pregnancy, so as to remove any back pained it’s a more comfortable way rather than sitting in ordinary chairs. The birthing ball help the movement of the baby to the pelvis into right birthing position with the head engaged, and it works well.

According to American Academy of Family Physicians, sexual intercourse is said to be normal during pregnancy so as to ease labour, as a way to induce labour. The penetration stimulates the lower portion of the uterus, and semen released contains prostaglandins which helps cervix to ripe. The breast and nipple stimulation during the sexual intercourse help the potential for labour and it releases oxytocin, responsible for contractions.
According to the comments of Dr.Marjorie Grandfield on the website of Dr. Spock, says that swaying action of hips assist baby with ease into birthing position. Walking also help you to feel good and better as you are having contractions.
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