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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy- That Are Dangerous When You’re Expecting.

We all know that exercises are good for everybody, even the pregnant women, but there are some exercises that pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy.
    When you’re expecting it is good to be working out and it will be of benefit for both your baby and you. But there are some exercises that you should remove from your fitness routine during pregnancy. And they are as follows:

Exercises that require a lot of balance or risk of falling, which can cause abdominal problem. They are skiing, contact sports, horseback riding and skating. All because during the first trimester, the baby is so small to be protected between the pelvic bones. After the growing baby can be injured during a falling.

Exercising on Your Back after the First Trimester.
    When you lying on your back, it can stop the free flow of blood to the baby after the first trimester. You should avoid weight lifting exercises in which you lie on your back. The position of the baby could be uncomfortable with you anyway.

Activities That Disrupt Your Breathing.
    Heavyweight lifting that will disrupt your breathing is not safe for your baby. Irregularity in your breathing interrupts oxygen flow to your baby. So, scuba diving could also be dangerous during pregnancy. But light weight lifting is safe during pregnancy provided you were used to it before your pregnancy.
    A U.S. study shows that exercising during pregnancy is of benefits to both of the unborn baby and mum-to-be.

Strenuous Exercise During the First Trimester.

When you involve yourself in a tough workout during your first trimester will cause overheat for your body which may be of risk of miscarriage and birth defect to the baby. During your pregnancy, you should ease your workouts and consistently rather than risking injury.

Here you can find some tips for your workouts to be healthy for you and your baby during pregnancy:

•    When it is cool, exercise both in the morning and evening and you can have low risk of body overheating.
•    You should pay attention to how you are feeling. Stop the activity, if you are very tired or uncomfortable.
•    After your workout, drink plenty water and eat snacks so as to replenish your body.
•    Woman’s joints are at a higher risk of injury during pregnancy because the ligaments relax in the preparation for child birth, so avoid overextending your joints and exercise moderately, listening to your body if you need a break.

     Exercising consistently will help you lose weight and get back into form after the baby is born.

Exercising during pregnancy is a good healthy, but some activities should be avoided for the safety of your baby and yourself. And following these recommendations can help you to have good health during pregnancy and it will ease your way during childbirth and becoming a mum. 

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