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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Get Rid of Stress by Gettting Away!

The ancient yogis knew that one of the best ways to beat stress and regain balance was with a retreat. And modern science has confirmed this. In fact even the act of planning your vacation reduces stress levels and increases happiness. Research studies have revealed that happiness levels rise for up to 8 weeks after planning a vacation (Journal Applied Research in Quality of Life, Feb 2010) and (Van Boven & Ashworth, 2007). Planning something fun and anticipating a break in daily routines is powerful stress relieving medicine!

Here are five more good reasons to take some time off:

1. Improve relationships: Spending enjoyable time with people you care about helps build stronger relationships and gives you the bond of happy memories. Vacation memories often last a lifetime!When we look back on our lives some of the most special moments are from vacations!

2. Learn a new hobby. A vacation could just be the context to learn how to play golf, deepen your yoga practice, scuba dive, take a cooking course, learn to write a novel, etc. Not only would this be fun but you would be developing a hobby that could be a great stress reliever when you get back home. A great tool to help you deal with stress on a regular basis.

3.Avoid burnout: Taking regular time off to relax will make your more productive, healthier and less likely to experience burnout. You'll be better able to handle stress and become more resilient as well.

4.Increased creativity and problem solving: Getting away from the daily routine allows your mind and body to relax. New surroundings and experiences trigger creative problem solving and new perspectives. New ideas and solutions to old problems can more easily come to mind.

5.Enhance longevity: Studies show that people who do not take regular vacations have a shorter life span and a higher rate of heart disease than those who do. Many people don't take their vacation time - don't let this happen to you! You have worked for it and you deserve it. Besides you will be much more efficient at work once you have rested. Remember, even the best armies need rest after a few days march.

So what are you waiting for? Plan some time off now – even a long weekend away will make a world of difference in the way you feel! Another great idea is blend some time off with a healing modality such as yoga. In this setting your will combine the healing aspects of yoga with all the other benefits mentioned above. You'll have time to think, gain perspective, regain balance and re-energize. And you'll have lots of fun too!
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