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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fitness After Pregnancy- Get Your Body Back Now

           Getting back into fitness after pregnancy can be a little tough. You are a mother now, and for most people that's a major lifestyle change. You would like to get back in shape and lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy, but there is a problem. You aren't sure if you have the time anymore - or whether it's even possible.

           Today I'm going to share some tips with you that will help you get in shape as fast as possible after you have had your baby. Are you ready to begin? Great!

Tip #1 - Determine Your Starting Point

         Take a minute or two and think about the kind of shape you were in before you became pregnant. Were you in decent shape? Great shape? How important was fitness in your life before the baby came along?

        This step is very important, because it has a huge impact on how fast you are going to see results now.

         Fitness Fanatic

         If you were a fitness fanatic before, you will have absolutely no problems getting back to that point. Your body is already used to exercise, and it will take you no time at all to get back "in the swing of things", and see good results from your efforts.

      Exercise Newbie

          Maybe you never exercised at all before you were pregnant. That's perfectly fine. You will still see great results, but they will come to you a little bit slower than they would for someone that's been physically active their whole life.

Tip #2 - Dieting Is Not Enough

          When you jump back into fitness after pregnancy, make sure dieting isn't the only thing you do. Dieting and cutting calories just isn't enough to make you lose the weight you want and get in great shape.

Have you ever tried to lose weight by getting super-strict with yourself, and constantly watching what you ate? If you have, I am willing to bet that it didn't turn out the way you had hoped.

I mean it makes sense, doesn't it? If you want to lose weight, you have to eat less. Right?

Wrong. You WILL lose some weight in the beginning by going this route, but it won't be permanent. Whatever you lose will come right back, after you realize it's impossible to maintain that "perfect diet" for very long.

           Now that we have covered how dieting just isn't enough, lets talk about what is usually missing from an attempt at weight loss.

       The Missing Ingredient

         Don't get me wrong. Your diet plays a part, but you're still missing an important ingredient - exercise. Combining a sensible diet with a specific exercise program is the fastest and smartest path to weight loss and an overall higher level of fitness.

        Improving your fitness after pregnancy will take some work and effort on your part, but it's far from impossible. All you have to do is find the right combination of diet AND exercise, and you will see the results you want.

       Don't believe anyone that says you can't get in shape after having a baby. A flat stomach after pregnancy is definitely within your reach!
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